Get to know us

Hello there! I'm Soham – by day, a dedicated medical student at Queen's, and by every other moment, a co-founder of DrAviation. When Nukul and I decided to turn our shared passion for aerial photography into a business, DrAviation took flight.

Our journey began with a simple realization: we love the photos we capture from the skies, and we believe others should too. DrAviation is more than a business; it's a culmination of our enthusiasm and a commitment to providing a unique service that brings joy to our clients.

Join us on this exciting adventure as we transform moments into memories. I'm thrilled to work with you and share the magic of DrAviation!

Cheers, Soham

Hey, I'm Nukul – the guy behind the controls at DrAviation. Yep, been flying drones since 2009, starting with the humble "toy" phase when I was just a 9-year-old dreamer. Who would've thought those childhood antics would lead to where we are now?

When I'm not navigating the skies for DrAviation, I'm deep into the world of programming as a Masters Computer Science student at Queen's. Balancing tech and drones – just a guy trying to find the sweet spot between the digital and the aerial.

Excited to be your go-to drone pilot and capture moments that matter. Let's make some memories together!

Cheers, Nukul